Tom Watson Playing Well Again


We all remember a few months ago when Tom Watson was capturing the hearts of golf fans across the world when he made an unbelievable run at the British Open.

Now he’s playing some good golf again, as he currently leads the Senior Players by four shots. Watson shot a 64 today, and played some excellent golf overall. It’s great to see him playing well, as I know I’ll certainly never forget the performance he put on at Turnberry.

Here’s the AP story on today’s action.

I’m definitely gonna try to watch the final round tomorrow, as I hope Tom finds a way to win the tournament.

Have a great night everyone!

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  • odaat05

    Yea; that Tom Watson is some kind of golfer, maybe the best ever. Kind of like the Brett Farve of golf. The man makes more “square to square contact” in one round as I make all month. What a great player!!