LPGA 2010 Schedule Down to 24 Events

We all knew that there were some sponsorship problems with the LPGA heading into next season, and that has forced next year’s schedule to only include 24 events for the women on tour.

The LPGA did have 27 events this past year, but now there is some problems. Sure, they only lost three events, but as it states in the story, this will be the lowest number of events on schedule in close to 40 years. And with only 13 events in the United States, that’s certainly a huge cause for concern.

I’ll admit. I use to have trouble watching the LPGA. Now, there’s some talent that I enjoy watching. Michelle Wie can be the face of the tour, and with her winning her first event this past week, her career is headed nowhere but up. She can be how the LPGA gains fans.

But, that will rely on the LPGA marketing her and the rest of their players correctly. That has to be priority number one of new LPGA commissioner Michael Whan.

We’ll see how that goes, because the LPGA certainly has to do something to save the tour from declining even further.

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