Most Memorable Golf Moment of 2009?

We continue our look back at 2009 today, as this time around, I want to ask you about your favorite golf moment of 2009. There were certainly a lot of moments that were newsworthy, but some of them just stood out as great moments in the year of golf.

For me, I would have to say that the one moment that sticks out in my mind above any of the others is the celebration of Y.E. Yang after he locked up the victory at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine. Of course, as we all know, it wasn’t just any ol’ win for Yang. He came back, and knocked off the great golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, and cements his place in golf history for pulling one of the biggest upsets we’ve ever seen.

When Woods was in the lead on Sunday, you thought that there was no way that anyone could come back and even challenge him. But someone forget to tell that to Yang, as he simply outplayed Woods, and had all the confidence in the world on the back nine. Some players may play well on the front nine on Sundays when Tiger is on top, but there’s always the back nine that gives them trouble as the pressure continues to mount. This didn’t have any impact whatsoever on Yang though, as he played great golf, and pulled out the win.

Had Tom Watson won the British Open, that would have easily been the greatest moment of the year, and maybe one of the greatest golfing moments I have ever seen. That was not to be though, but Yang’s moment of glory is not one that will be forgotten anytime soon either.

It was a great moment for golf, and without question, a great moment for the career of Y.E. Yang. But now it’s your turn. What was your most memorable golf moment of 2009?

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