Jim Furyk Wins 2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year

There were many memorable tournaments on the PGA circuit in 2010, and it seemed as though there was a level of unpredictability that hadn’t been there in a long time. We can probably attribute that fact to the downfall of Tiger Woods over the past year or so, and while some people wanted to see Tiger dominate week in and week out, there’s just something great about watching a a wide-open event. One of the players that stepped up into the spotlight this season was Jim Furyk, who has been rewarded for his efforts by being named 2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year.

While it is great to see Furyk win his first-ever Player of the Year award, not many people can say they saw this coming heading into this season. To say that Furyk struggled last season would be an understatement. He simply wasn’t playing great golf last year, and many wondered if we had seen his best already. But he answered that with an emphatic “no” this year.

Furyk picked up wins at the Transitions Championship, the Verizon Heritage, and The Tour Championship, which culminated in him winning the 2010 FedEx Cup playoffs. While none of those are major championships, in a year where three of the four majors were won by first-time winners, there’s really no one who could say that they earned the award more than Furyk did.

Phil Mickelson started off the season well by winning at Augusta, and seemed like a shoe-in to have a big season and win this award. But Phil didn’t do a whole lot after that, and that was his only win of the season. Ernie Els had a strong start as well with two wins in a span of about a month, but those ended up being his only two of the year as he just couldn’t get a victory the rest of the season, despite being in contention quite a bit.

This was the year for a veteran like Furyk to win it, and he did. It’s hard not to like Furyk and it’s also hard to believe that he’s never taken home this award in the past. Well, maybe not since this is the Tiger era, and he’s pretty much had a lock on that award for a while now. But still, Furyk deserves this, and I’m glad he’s finally able to say he was player of the year in golf.

Congrats to Furyk on this excellent award!

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