Cause for Concern?

You have to wonder is Rosie Jones is a little worried. Why should she be worried?

All twelve of the US participants for the Solheim Cup were entered into this week’s LPGA event in Arkansas. Of those twelve, five failed to make the cut. And Jones is the Captain of the team.

Cause for concern? I wouldn’t blame Jones if she was a little.

Of the five that now bear a the “MC” on their results page, here’s a look at those five and the amount of worry/concern level I am currently experiencing.

Christina Kim
No question when it comes this this competition, Kim is the stirrer in the team’s coffee. She wears her emotions on her sleeve (and that’s not a bad thing) and has the propensity of getting under the skin of her opponents (which some view as a negative, depending on which team has your rooting interest). She did only miss the cut by one stroke.

Worry-meter: 1 out of 10

Juli Inkster
I’m not overly concerned about Inkster either. She’s the team veteran having participated in eight previous Solheim Cup competitions. She knows what these matches entail. Inkster will also be wearing another hat this time around, that of assistant captain. Some could think Inkster might have too many irons in the fire, but with her experience, I don’t really see it.

Worry-meter: 2/10

Image: Keith Allison via Flickr (Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Michelle Wie
Even though Wie was not a captain’s pick and made the team on points, I still view as a bit of a wild card for the US team. The “good” Wie has the game to potentially carry the squad. The “bad” Wie could provide enough lost points to bring it down. She struggled in the first round on Friday, but had a decent second round. If the “good” Wie shows up at Killeen Castle, the US should defend the Solheim Cup very well. I know the chatter surrounding Wie and Annika will kick up once the US team lands in Ireland. An inspired Wie could also prove to be just the motivation needed.

Worry-meter: 5/10

Ryann O’Toole
One of the two picks by Jones and her assistants. O’Toole missed the cut at the CN Women’s Canadian Open in Canada and this week as well. Being a Solheim Cup rookie, the former Big Break participant may need to call on her skills from the show in order to persevere in Ireland.

Worry-meter: 7/10

Vicky Hurst
Hurst was the other of the two picks made by Jones and her assistants. She also missed the cut at the CN Canadian Women’s Open. Now, she misses the cut this week as well. Might not be in the best frame of mind heading into the competition.

Worry-meter: 8/10

And just when you think there are worries about the US squad, here’s something to add to the concern.

The site, Killeen Castle, has been used for the Irish Open for the Ladies European Tour. The Euros have seen this course and were there as recently as August.

In that event, all of the twelve European team members played. All twelve made the cut. The lowest finish: Christel Boeljon was T24. The winner was Suzann Pattersen with Azahara Munoz finishing second.

Yes, they know the course…well.

Home field advantage? No question.

At that only leads even more to my cause for concern.

I hope it goes away, too.

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