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A Decision That Schwartzel May Regret

We’re heading into the final round of the BMW Championship. Right now Charl Schwartzel is sitting at T47 with a 217, 4-over-par. But that isn’t the real deal here. The deal is that despite being in the mix for one of the final nine spots heading to East Lake and the TOUR Championship, Schwartzel may be ruing a decision made about a month ago.

Prior to this week, Schwartzel was sitting in 27th place in the FedEx Cup standings. After the first three rounds from Chicago, he now rests in 33rd according to FedEx Cup point projections. He would miss the final tournament and a potentially big pay day should he win that final event.

The decision? No, not LeBron’s. Charl’s.

It’s already been documented that Schwartzel decided to forego the first event of the playoffs, the Barclays. He was soundly in the field to advance past that tourney, so it’s really wasn’t a big deal. Looking at the current configuration, it will be. Not only did Schwartzel bypass The Barclays, he also passed by the Wyndham Championship, the last chance for points before the Playoffs began.

And there’s where this decision could cost Schwartzel a chuck of cash. In essence he missed an opportunity to pick up more points (Wyndham) and/or decided to skip the first round (The Barclays) where he could have also gained on the rest of the field.

Hard to believe a major champ could miss out, but it looks likely. He hasn’t exactly been in the mix in too many events since Augusta. Plus, with the “extra week” Schwartzel went almost three weeks between competitive rounds of golf. And it’s hard to fathom that even with a week off in the middle of the playoffs, he eschewed the first week.

It will cost him dearly should he miss the “cut”.

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