2013 Golf: Zach Baron form Zach Baron Golf in The Friday Foursome on Google+(Hangout)

Zach Baron from Zach Baron Golf spent some time in the Friday Foursome Hangout on Friday afternoon. Zach is a Junior Golf Instructor for the Nike Learning Center, and is involved in teaching our youngsters how to play golf. Zach has also developed a new iPhone App where you can video tape your golf swing, and get a lesson on his website without ever having to leave your house.  

It was a fun conversation that included Golf Community Moderator, Ricky Potts, Clinton Cota from the Community to fill in for a missing Jason Boslow, and myself. The conversation with Zach was enjoyable as well as informative as it relates to golf, and primarily golf instruction.

Zach Baron is a fine young man with interest in growing youth golf around the world. He is keenly interested in teaching techniques that primarily relate to getting young people involved in golf. He had some helpful input for even an older golfer like myself who has started to struggle with distance and loss of power.

For information on Zach’s teaching schedule, and how his new App works, be sure to visit his website at http://www.zachbarongolf.com/. He provides free tips in video format on his website via Youtube, and you can find a link to iTunes where you can download his App, which is free for the download. The first lesson is free, you can’t beat a deal like that.

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