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PGA Tour to Adopt Ancohored Putter Ban From 2016

It’s official! USA Today Sports announced Monday afternoon that the PGA will comply with Rule 14-1b which will forbid players to anchor their putters to their body during the putting stroke. The PGA rule will follow suit on January 1, 2016, the same day that The USGA, and R&A had decided on.

It’s great that we will not have to live with two sets of rules in the sport of golf. The PGA Tour is asking for the rule to not go into effect for recreational play until 2024. That would give amateurs like yourself eight more years to comply. This was more than likely proposed to let the life cycle of the equipment out there to complete before we are asked to buy a new putter that isn’t used for anchoring.

I was afraid the PGA would make a stand here and force two sets of rules on golf, and in my opinion would destroy what golf is all about. It’s taken 30 years to get us into this mess, and I don’t think an extra eight years will destroy the game. I will give everyone time to comply without having to run out and by new equipment.

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