Around The Links: New Years Day 2014

Oct 6, 2013; Dublin, OH, USA; Phil Mickelson walks off the 9th green during the fourth round of the Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t care if Phil Mickelson wins or loses, he is without a doubt, one of the finest ambassadors the game of golf has ever had. The guy is tireless when it comes to giving fans what they came for. Not only is his “grip it and rip it” philosophy great for the game, it is great for fans of the game as well. He is tireless when it comes to signing autographs and interacting with people who attend tournaments. I love the guy!

Phil Mickelson says No.1 isn’t on top of his mind

Unfortunately, Phil has the same problems that plagued most golfers who began their career in the nineties, mainly the emergence and dominance of Tiger Woods. It’s great that Phil has never put a lot of stock in the World Number one ranking and has been happy with winning a lot of tournaments and money. I would speculate that with five majors and 42 wins on the PGA Tour, he is happy with his career, and resume.

“I’m confident I can break through in the US Open and would love to do it at Pinehurst in June. But that’s six months away. My focus right now is on the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and getting my season off to the best start possible,”

Johnny Miller: Unsure if he could deal with his own criticism

Anyone who has listened to Johnny Miller on a PGA broadcast knows the one thing he is short of, is an opinion. Anyone that remembers the days when he was winning US Opens, knows he was a tough as nails player who was tough to beat on the golf course. He was a “no excuses”, ask no quarter, give no quarter competitor. His criticism of other players is nothing short of what he expected out of himself when he played on the tour.

”In my era, nobody said anything but namby-pamby stuff,” Miller said. ”Nobody ever said anything that would make you upset. As Dave Marr said, we were just gilding the road back then, just making everybody look good.”

Johnny Miller: Players don’t wilt for Tiger anymore

This is a good article from the Associated Press that chronicles Tiger Woods’ quest for 18 major championships, and is well worth a read.

“It’s getting much harder for Tiger because guys are not wilting on him,” Miller said. “So he’s got a double whammy in that he’s not able to close as well as he used to, and then the guys are more heroic against him like they never were before. … Guys are saying, ‘Yeah, you’re Tiger Woods and you’re the greatest ever, but now at your age, I can beat you.’ He needs to do it in the majors.”


Transgender golfer Bobbi Lancaster aims for LPGA Tour in 2014

After undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in 2010, highly regarded Gold Canyon physician Robert Lancaster became Bobbi Lancaster. The decision was made after the then-59-year-old spent decades searching for inner peace.

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