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PGA Tour: D.A. Points DQ'd At Pebble Beach National Pro Am

Golf Talk Central at the Golf Channel is reporting this morning that 37 year-old D.A. Points has been disqualified from the Pebble Beach Pro Am for an incident while waiting to tee off at the 18th hole on Pebble Beach. He will continue to play in the Pro Am portion of the tournament with partner Condoleezza Rice, but will not have a Pro score.

Points DQd for using ‘practice aid’

While enduring what Points called a “15- 20-minute wait” on the iconic par-5 final hole, during which he and pro-am partner Condoleezza Rice even had time to snap a few photographs, Points pulled from his bag a spongy green ball he had been given by instructor Grant Waite a few weeks previously. Points placed the ball under his right arm to emulate a few swings. The act was caught on video by a spectator and the player was found in violation of Rule 14-3. Since he had already signed his scorecard, the ensuing result was disqualification.

“We were standing on the tee; it’s cold, it’s raining,” Points explained to via phone. “I pull out the ball and make some dry practice swings, just trying to loosen up. I come to find out it’s an unusual training device, something you wouldn’t have in your bag.”

This is just another reason why the 400 year-old “Rules of Golf” need to be reviewed, and possibly re-written. Here’s another case where a player was notified hours later that he broke not only one rule, which was the original infraction, but was disqualified because he signed an incorrect score card. It’s utter nonsense.

In the 16th century when these rules were written, they didn’t have High Definition Cameras to replay for hours, and then call a penalty. I would have been ok giving this guy a two-shot penalty, but DQ’d? This is his livelihood, and at 75th in World Rankings, he needed this finish. It’s unfair, and needs to be changed.



Source: The Golf Channel

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