Robin Williams on Golf

Robin Williams had a bit of something to say about almost everything human and he didn’t spare game of golf in his spiky, quirky takes on all things human.  I’ll miss Robin Williams.  He helped me keep life in perspective, reminded me that we humans can be fairly silly and take some things far too seriously.  His Golf Monolog is peppered with salty language — nothing new for a sport that reveres Tiger Woods and treats Bubba Watson like the family’s favorite black sheep — but you might want to turn down the sound or put in your ear buds if you have small children in the room.

Robin Williams (1951-2014) apparently took his own life two days ago.  His observations on all things human has shaped the views and enriched the lives of a generation of Americans, and his death leaves a deep void in the realm of meaningful social commentary.

Williams lived with bi-polar disorder and its evil twin, depression.  Follow this link if you or someone you love is living with a similar struggle.


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