Golf Related Things That Make Me Irritated

We all have golf related things that irritate us. Most take place on the course, some are in the clubhouse, and some occur when we are watching it on TV.

This is my personal list and it is in no particular order because the order is subject to change on a daily basis. I think most of you will agree with most of these unless you happen to guilty of one or more of them yourself. If you read one that upsets you, then you are probably guilty of it.

I’ll start with TV.

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who yell “Bababooey” on every single shot at golf tournaments, and those that I don’t have an overwhelming urge to hit the mouth. It bothers me that they are in the gene pool.

Right behind that are those that constantly yell “get in the hole” and also yell “Dr. Phil” after Phil Mickelson hits his shot.

I give a pass to some of the less talented announcers for their dumb statements because they have to fill up otherwise dead air time which is apparently a bad thing during televised tournaments.

The one thing I will not give a pass to is when they go into swing analysis. For me that is a good time to go the fridge or bathroom otherwise I am going to have to listen to someone say “he got the club stuck behind him”. As a golf instructor for over 35 years at all levels I can tell you that the only person I have ever seen get the club stuck behind them is Charles Barkley.

Moving on to the clubhouse and the 19th hole, my favorite here is the person that thinks people actually want to hear a blow by blow account of their round. Never, ever, ask them what they shot if you are the polite type that won’t just walk off. As my wonderful wife said to one of my fellow golf professionals, “all I asked for was a @*$%& number”.

My other favorite is found on the driving range. These are the ones that can’t play a lick themselves, but read Golf Digest, watch the Golf Channel, and own a couple of instruction videos. They are on the range giving swing advice and lessons. They will also do it on the course and it seems the higher their handicap the quicker they are to give advice.

The people and things that bug me on the golf course are enough for another article, but will include things like people that can’t break a hundred and have to use expensive range finders.