The Masters To Be the First of 4K Broadcasts

The Masters is rolling out the red carpet in 2016 by being one of the first events ever broadcast in 4K within the United States.

Can you smell that? The azaleas are in full bloom, Magnolia Lane is primed for the arrival of the golfers, and the Masters is less than a month away. Rest easy, golf fans, we’re almost to another year at Augusta National.

We all know the slogan for the Masters, “A tradition unlike any other,” but what makes those words ring true year in and year out?

When Bobby Jones teamed up with Clifford Roberts to create Augusta National and what came to be known as the Masters, they made it a goal of theirs to provide golf fans with the best experience possible. You’ll notice they don’t even call them “golf fans,” but rather patrons.

One of the greatest venues in all of golf combined with the greatest golfers in the world makes for one hell of a tournament, but it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve ever had the privilege of going to Augusta National, then you understand how much the event caters to the fans.

The food is cheap, the beer is even cheaper, and the course is in pristine condition. It leaves you in awe just walking around the place.

Well, the tradition unlike any other has just stepped up its game to give the fans an even better experience. AT&T and DirecTV recently announced they will broadcast the Masters in 4K, making it the first broadcast of its kind.

For those who don’t know what 4K is, just think of high definition television on steroids. It’s the future of digital television. The technical term behind it means it is a horizontal resolution with 4,000 pixels. To put it into perspective to standard definition (720 x 480) and HD (1920 x 1080), 4K is almost uncomparable.

The Masters

4K is also known as UHD or Ultra-High Definition and you can see why. To attempt to give a better understanding of how the picture looks compared to regular HD, use the following picture as an example.

The Masters


The problem with 4K is that there hasn’t really been any content available for the super sophisticated digital experience. Leave it to the people at Augusta National to fix this problem. Watching the Masters in this quality of picture is going to be incredible on so many levels.

You’ll be able to see the bees buzzing around the azaleas and the grain of the putting green on Amen Corner. I can see it now. Jordan Spieth lining up for a birdie putt on 18 to secure his second green jacket and viewers of 4K can see the beads of sweat rolling down his face. Has anyone ever complained about a picture being too good? I didn’t think so.

While we are still a ways off from watching the Super Bowl in HD, the Masters is a step in the right direction (and in my opinion, a better experience anyways).

As long as you’re a member of the DirecTV Genie HD DVR box, a subscription of the Ultimate or Premier channel package, and, of course, a 4K TV. Happy watching, golf fans!