Williams Can’t Resist Swipe


For some odd reason, Steve Williams cannot resist the opportunity to take any type pf cut on his former employer Tiger Woods. He did so again after Williams was “honored” for Best Celebration during a season-ending banquet for the caddies. I think we all know where the celebration occurred.

Hearken back to the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. His new boss, Adam Scoot, had just won the tournament. Yest the story wasn’t Scott’s play. It was Williams and his words. The words he spoke after Scott’s win. You remember. Williams called it “the best win of my life”.

And that sent people running to message boards and comment sections of blogs.

Well, Williams newest slam against Tiger is worse. Far worse.

So we return to the scene. Williams was presented the award for Best Celebration during this banquet. His response…

"“My aim was to shove it right up that black [arse].”"

Oh, my. Did anyone ever tell little Stevie (Williams, that is) if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all?

Apparently, no. And this isn’t the first time Williams has publicly berated someone. Far from it.

While we have yet to hear from Woods about this remark, Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg said that Williams words were “regrettable”. Oh, that may be an understatement right there.

Some of us may know this comment was done tongue-in-cheek, but it certainly (even in print) doesn’t come off that way. There is someone that was offended by this…and that’s one too many. I know the folk in New Zealand have a different sense of humor, but this? C’mon, Steve. Show a little class.

Wait. Who am I kidding? Williams and class do not go together. He exhibited such on more than one occasion.

This is the same guy that referred to Phil Mickelson as a “pr!ck” because of a respect factor. Phil didn’t respect Stevie. Stevie feels slighted. Returns lack of respect and calls Phil unsavory name. Wow. That’s how you handle things. This is the same guy that has hurled cameras into water hazards, and they weren’t his, because they caused noise and his old boss couldn’t concentrate during his swing.

Well, methinks it’s time for new boss Adam Scott to insist that Williams stop playing the game of “open mouth, insert foot”. This type of boorish behavior is the exact opposite of what we view from Scott. It’s time some sort of mandate be given to Williams. If not, Adam Scott’s PR people (I don’t know if he has any, but I assume…uh, oh…) will be pulling their hair out because of one guy.

So you know what follows, right?

Stevie issued an apology…on his website.

To be honest, I’m getting tired of apologies being issued through these impersonal places (Yes, this is as well, but at least you’re being entertained!). Although it is on your website, are you the one really issuing such? Want to make an apology and it comes across as being more personal? Don’t issue a written one, make a video and post it on your site. That way, we see you saying the words you wish for all of us to believe.

I remember the days when you apologized, it was done face-to-face. A shake of the hands was usually involved, too. Are those days in our rear view mirror? I guess they are…

Williams does need to at least “clear the air” with Tiger on this. And back to the deal about respect. I would imagine the group of those that do respect Williams may have diminished a little more after this. Are we seeing the real Steve Williams rear his head? Maybe, but I can say this…

The President’s Cup just got a little more interesting.

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