Golf Video Games: Top 20 Golf Games of All-Time

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What are some of the best golf video games of all-time? We will be going over that as we decide the top 20 golf video games of all-time.

There have been a number of golf games throughout the years and now is a good time to celebrate those games.

At the time of this post, we are in the heart of the offseason and with the weather getting colder there’s not much golf going on outside.

So, maybe if you’ve got the golfing bug, but can’t go outside, you may have to look for alternative ways to get your golfing fix in. One of those ways is booting up your console or PC and playing some golf video games.

You’ll have plenty of choices as we will go over the 20 best golf video games of all-time.

My personal judging criteria on how I rated these games is that the game has to play well. If it doesn’t play well mechanically then basically everything else doesn’t matter.

The gameplay has to be good first and foremost. If the gameplay isn’t good and it isn’t fun, then everything else is just meaningless. And this isn’t just for golf games, but for video games in general.

The gameplay has to be good mechanically, it has to be fun, and for me, I like my sports games to be as true as possible to their respective sport.

We are talking about golf, so in this case that means I’d like to see proper ball flights, adjusting for the wind, proper ball physics, and realistic course mechanics where you have to think like a pro and navigate through a course.

Having a sports game that is a simulation at the core is very important. When it’s done right it doesn’t get much better than that.

Blowing through a course birding and eagling every hole in an arcade style gets old after a while. It needs to be challenging otherwise the game won’t have legs in the long run.

Finally, how many features does it have? An in-depth career mode is a must along with some other bonus modes to put some meat on the bone always helps.

That’s sort of the basic outline I used in determining these rankings and so now that the table has been set we can begin our journey.

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