2013 Golf: The Best Golf Moments of the Past Year


Aug 11, 2013; Rochester, NY, USA; Jason Dufner can hardly contain his unbridled joy as he celebrates his PGA Championship victory with Wife Amanda Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

#5 – Jason Dufner Challenges His Own Apathy

At the 2013 PGA Championship, Jason Dufner cemented his place among the best golfers on the planet.  He also cemented his place as one of the least excitable people to ever walk the face of the earth.  After an uncharacteristic outburst which involved grabbing his Wife’s backside and an embrace with best friend Keegan Bradley; Dufner regained his composure and overcame the unnatural emotions (read: smiles) that graced his face during a weak moment after winning a major.

Aug 10, 2013; Rochester, NY, USA; Rory McIlroy just has to dance after an unfortunate tee shot at the 2013 PGA Championship. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

#4 – Rory McIlRoy Reveals Himself as a Human

After a 2012 season which found him running reckless over the golf world (to the tune of an 8 shot victory for his second major and a Race to Dubai Title), Rory McIlroy made a controversial equipment change and rode new Nike clubs right out of the top 5 in the Official World Golf Rankings.  Starting with a mess in Abu Dhabi, it didn’t get any easier as he sputtered to 35th and 57th place finishes in the Race to Dubai and Fedex Cup, respectively.

Apr 14, 2013; Augusta, GA, USA; Adam Scott, not content with just being handsome and rich, decides to also be good at golf. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

#3 – Adam Scott Rubs it In

At the beginning of April 2013, Adam Scott was merely a handsome, rich and charming Australian with a few good TOUR wins and a solid professional reputation.  But as most men of his ilk, gallivanting with Swedish Architects and earning near $20MM wasn’t enough.  Adam found it necessary to go out and win 5 times worldwide, including the 2013 Masters; all while expanding his charity foundation for underprivileged youth.  What a jerk.

July 21, 2013; Gullane, United Kingdom; A beautifully tanned Phil Mickelson definitely doesn’t calculate his every move while looking perfect at 2013 The Open Championship. Mandatory Credit: Paul Cunningham-USA TODAY Sports

#2 – Phil Mickelson Has (Another) Fairytale Ending

 Phil Mickelson has spent many years cultivating a finely tuned aura of perfection.  But coming into 2013, Phil had a rather un-Phil like record at the oldest Major.  So after coming up 2 strokes short at Merion, many wrote Phil off as a contender on a course that required discipline and consistency.  Starting Sunday 5 strokes behind the leader, Phil stormed back in the most Phil way possible to finish off one of the great final rounds in golf history.  There is still no confirmation on the authenticity of that awkwardly long family hug and “aw-shucks” post-game demeanor.

Apr 12, 2013; Augusta, GA, USA; Tiger Woods shows wanton disregard for the feelings of couch-dwelling amateur rule experts during the 2013 The Masters golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

#1 – The PGA Disregards the Essence of the Game

Tiger Woods has made a career redefining the rules of golf, and until the 2013 Masters, most of those rules were of the unwritten variety.  After his approach on the 15th hole clattered off the pin and right into the water, Tiger took a drop.  But this wasn’t just any drop.  This was a drop with malice in its heart.  A drop so egregious and hateful that one man, nay, one hero felt compelled to take on the role of rules czar and phone it in to Slugger White.  In a game that’s predicated on self-policing and the gentleman’s code of conduct, to allow somebody sitting on their couch to, based on the whim of television crews to impact the game in such a profound way, is ridiculous.  Often, quick cut shots from questionable angles are all viewers have to make a determination.  In no other sport is a viewer allowed such power and it’s absurd that in a game with so many rules and with no regulation playing surface, that