The Coolest Man in Golf, Fred Couples, is 30 Years Removed From his Only Major Win


Apr 12, 2013; Augusta, GA, USA; Fred Couples walks to the 15th green during the second round of the 2013 The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

You tell me why Fred Couples is so cool.

Is it because he has the smoothest swing in golf? Possibly. Is it the fact that he’s been married countless times? Maybe. Truthfully, I don’t think anyone really knows, except those that watched him when his first and only major at The Masters in 1992.

Freddie has been on the record for saying The Masters  is his favorite tournament. And whether or not he’s been playing, or even playing well, going into the tournament, he always seems to show up.

At the end of Thursday each year, Freddie is routinely near the top of the leaderboard. He has a feel for the greens, knows where to miss, and also is aware that, at Augusta, you have to take what the course gives you. And Freddie — of all people — might be the best at that.

He walks like he’s relaxed, he talks like he’s relaxed, and if you’ve never heard him talk or seen him walk, you could tell by his golf swing that he’s relaxed. At the age of 54, Freddie is playing on the Champions Tour, but to be quite frank, he could compete on the PGA Tour week in and week out. He’s a pro at what he does, and that may be why everyone loves him.

Jul 11, 2013; Omaha, NE, USA; Fred Couples waits to putt on the 4th hole during the first round of the 2013 U.S. Senior Open at the Omaha Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Sure you’ve seen him in commercials for Bridgestone and Mitsubishi and sure you’ve seen him at Seahawks games on the jumbotron. He likes a lot of things, and cares about many others, but he is the consummate pro.

Many golfers and professional athletes differ the opportunity to sign autographs and take pictures, but he loves that. He loves to talk with and associate with his long-time fans, and that is what makes him great.

And that, along with his attempts to win the other majors, is what makes Fred Couples so freaking cool.