Golf Tips: Are You a Tip Hoarder?


One thing that can keep you from becoming better is listening to golf tips.  Tip hoarding will ruin your golf swing and cause frustration. We are bombarded with swing tips almost constantly. Sometimes they come from well meaning friends and golfing buddies that are no better or maybe worse than we are and then there is the internet, TV, social media, and magazines.

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The main reason that you hear golfers bemoaning the fact that they “have lost their swing” is because of tips. The seemingly innocent act of working on a tip that you just picked up can ruin your golf swing. You don’t actually lose your swing, you have simply buried it under bad advice.

When you go to the golf course about the only thing that you are not going to get advice on is how to use the bathroom. For some strange reason every golfer thinks he can help someone else. I see these conversations every day on social media where some poor golfer asks for advice and the floodgates open. Everybody that watches TV, reads a book or has a magazine subscription jumps in.

I honestly believe one of the main reasons so many women give up golf is because of well meaning “help” from spouses and boyfriends that confuses them so badly they just simply get frustrated and quit.

Things like “you looked up”, “keep your head down”, and “take the club straight back” are just myths that will certainly do more harm than good.

In my first book, Golf by John Jacobs, I remember that the first thing I wrote down on paper was, “Golf is what the ball does.” That was my breakthrough as a teacher. I look at what the ball’s doing, and then I ask, “Why?”

If you really want to get better, then I suggest that you read “Practical Golf” by John Jacobs and “Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella with an open mind and take them to heart. While you read them keep something in mind – if what you believe/know about the golf swing now were correct you would be much better than you are.

In order to improve, forget all of your tips and relax. Try to actually feel where the golf club is while you are swinging it. There are no “secrets” and there is not magical learning aid. Allow your brain and your body to deliver the club to the ball. The harder you try to control the club head and make it do something the worse you will get. Let it happen – don’t try to make it happen.

If you feel compelled to read about golf try Golf Week because it doesn’t have instruction articles. When you watch TV and the commentators start analyzing swings leave the room. Go to the bathroom or get a drink. Just don’t listen or you will pick up something to try next time you play.

One final thought. Try spending more time on the course playing a few holes and less time hitting balls on the range and remember it is all about impact – not about how you get to impact. Let your natural ability and hand eye coordination guide you. Most importantly have fun and don’t listen to tips from anyone other than a qualified instructor with years of experience.

I am totally dedicated to trying help people get better using their own swings by trying to simplify what you are thinking about and trying to do.  Please leave comments on any topics or questions you have.

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