Top 30 Best Celebrity Golfers

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30. Larry David


The star of the HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-creator of Seinfeld is an avid golfer. Larry has based a number of his shows for Curb surrounding golf. One of the best episodes involving Larry and golf is “The Black Swan,” highly recommended if you have the time.

“If I wasn’t a golfer, I would still be miserable,— but not as miserable.” -Larry David

He was seen earlier this year playing golf with none other than the POTUS himself. Larry and President Obama were spotted swinging stick during Obama’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. It wasn’t the first time the two have played together. They also linked up back in 2013 for another round of 18 holes.

I’d imagine that’d be a prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay interesting group to play with.

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