Golf video games: Top 20 of all time

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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9. Super Stickman Golf

Although a mobile game, Super Stickman Golf was excellent in providing a golf experience that required a lot of strategy, which is something the sport obviously requires.

Yes, I left you with another long putt to deal with. Super Stickman Golf is a mobile game for smartphones. but the game is so good that Toucharcade once said that it’s one of their favorite games of all time.

The best way to describe SSG is that it’s a beautifully drawn golfing adventure. When I first got a smartphone, I was instantly addicted to this game. The sounds are great, the ball physics is top notch and the courses are otherworldly. It’s the perfect blend of puzzle and golf. It kinda tells you what golf is all about: utilizing strategy to execute the perfect shots.

Our little stick friend has to go through obstacles no other golfer has gone through before. The gameplay is very satisfying from each swing to every putt and you just don’t know what to expect with each course you play. Each hole presents the player with several challenges, much like real golf courses.

Thanks to the game’s vibrant colors, great gameplay and excellent course design that leaves players asking questions, Super Stickman Golf is an all-time classic. It was worthy of two more games with SSG 3 being the latest edition. By the way, the theme song is awesome. I just needed to point that out.