Golf Instagram: The Best Golf-Related Accounts to Follow

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 23: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are interviewed by Shane Bacon on the first tee prior to The Match: Tiger vs Phil at Shadow Creek Golf Course on November 23, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match)
LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 23: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are interviewed by Shane Bacon on the first tee prior to The Match: Tiger vs Phil at Shadow Creek Golf Course on November 23, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match) /

If you’re at all like me, being stuck inside for quarantine has resulted in endless scrolling through the internet. While I wish that time had been spent learning a new language or skill, for better or worse a lot of it has been spent on Instagram. So, to help you through this difficult time, I ventured to find out which golf Instagram accounts are absolutely, positively, MUST follows.

It can be rough being stuck at home. With social media, there are ways to make it a little bit better in the golf world, for those who are missing the game. One of the ways to do that is perusing Instagram. Here is a list of some of the best golf Instagram accounts to follow when it comes to the world of golf.

Patrick Koenig

A man known across the golf world for his immense talent as a golf model and high-kick extraordinaire, back in 2018 Patrick quit his sales job and embarked on a 365-day RV tour across America with the goal of playing as many golf courses as possible (he played 405 if you can believe it), all the while raising funds for the First Tee of Greater Seattle.

His wacky personality is almost as good as his photographs; combined with whimsical descriptions that will be sure to leave you entertained thoroughly while quarantined.

No Laying Up

No Laying Up has quickly risen from a side project to the most fun and entertaining golf content company on the planet.

Soly, Tron, Randy, DJ, and Neil all live in (or around) the aptly named “Kill House” in Jax Beach, Florida where they pump out a seemingly endless array of videos, podcasts, and merchandise.

Some of my favorites include insightful podcasts with current and past PGA Tour players as well as several of their video series’ including Tourist Sauce, Strapped and Wild World of Golf (where Jim Furyk was recently a guest player).

Give them a follow.


Jon Cavalier aka LinksGems is an attorney living outside Philadelphia by day. However, you wouldn’t know it if you followed his Instagram account @LinksGems, as he globe-trots the world playing and photographing the best golf courses imaginable.

Don’t be surprised if you see dogs in his photos from time to time as his ever-present sidekick Gracie loves golf courses as much or more than his golfing Dad does.

Tom Coyne

Would it be possible to play all of the links courses in Ireland in one summer? How about if you walked them all? Oh, and also FROM ONE TO ANOTHER… That’s the journey Tom Coyne set out on that became the subject of “A Course Called Ireland.”

Tom has written several books, including “A Course called Scotland,” “Paper Tiger” and a “Gentleman’s Game.” In addition, he’s currently writing his latest book, “A course called America.” And no, he didn’t walk across the country this time around.

His writing style is whimsical and entertaining. For interesting stories and lots of historical anecdotes around the game of golf, there is no better follow than Tom.

Tyler Rae

Recently featured in Golf Digest, Tyler Rae is an up and coming golf course architect. His work includes restoring stalwarts such as Atlantic GC, Skokie CC, Barton Hills CC, Monroe GC, Cedar Rapid CC & Beverly CC.

Tyler is a rising star, who blends old school knowledge with new-age techniques that equate to stunning results. If you’re looking to gain insight into what it takes to shape bunkers and build greens, there’s no better person to follow.

Beautiful Golf Courses

The self-described OG of Instagram Golf, Beautiful Golf Courses delivers on it’s promise by posting stunning images of golf courses around the world. Featuring some of the best golf photographers in the game, BGC’s account will be sure to entertain.

PSA: Beautiful Golf Courses may cause you to take drastic measures during quarantine, such as hitting golf balls inside your apartment. ProGolfNow does not endorse such activities and these should be avoided at all costs.

Golf In Your State

Have you ever dreamt of giving it all up, packing up a suitcase, hopping in a van and spending your time driving around from golf course to golf course? If so, Matt Cardis (@GolfInYourState) is the guy for you.

Perfectly positioned for quarantine, Matt has been holed up in his golf van at some of the best golf hangouts in the country. Including one of my favorite’s in Sweetens Cove.

Matt is a staunch environmentalist and does a lot of charitable work with his time. In fact, this past year Matt launched The Golf Wall Project; “the mission is to travel the country, raise money for creative giveback initiatives relating to golf and bring golfers together to perform all types of community service with the money raised.”

Give him a follow and don’t be surprised if he and his trusty van roll into a city near you.


Shane Bacon is the lead announcer for Fox’s golf coverage of the US Open (and other USGA events). In addition, Shane is a good golfer in his own right, clocking in at a +2.5 handicap, regularly competing in top amateur events. He even managed to get through local qualifying for the US Open. Talk about a potential conflict of interest!

Shane’s unique and refreshing take on the game will keep you engaged throughout this time and his seemingly never-ending quest for a hole-in-one will undoubtedly make you feel empathetic.

Golfers Journal

The Golfers Journal describes itself as…

"“Golf in its purest form. Published quarterly. Commercially quiet, editorially pure, unmatched in elegant design.”"

The term “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer. Their photos paint a picture and filled with endless stories of people and history all centered around this great game.

In the era of editing and filtered photos, Golfer’s Journal remains unadulterated and authentic. A rarity in this day and age. Make sure to follow and support them.

Zac Blair

Zac Blair may be the world’s most obsessed golfer. The Jordan wearing Utah native seemingly plays every day, while posting an endless stream of content on his Instagram page. He is currently in the early stages of launching his own golf course, The Buck Club, runs a semi-annual golf tournament called “The Ringer”, creates his own merchandise, and oh btw, he’s a PGA Tour player.

Next. The Match II: Tiger and Manning vs. Mickelson and Brady. dark

Zac is constantly pushing the envelope for what’s possible in golf and doing his best to make it younger, approachable, and frankly more fun. He rounds out the list of best golf Instagrams to follow.