Masters: Sleeper Candidates to win the 2020 Green Jacket

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The 2020 Masters are finally here, and so are the sleeper picks who could win this year’s Green Jacket.

A tournament unlike any other is truly embracing that phrase, as we are watching the Masters tee up in November this year. Why not go further, and have someone off the grid win.

We’ve had a youngster win in Morikawa and Beefy Bryson break the U.S. Open so far this year. Why not add a sleeper candidate to the list of those who could take home a green jacket.

To mark someone at the Masters as a sleeper, they need to have odds of 45/1 (+4500) or higher. That means that we have 20 players that don’t qualify. If you were looking to possibly grab Hatton, Fleetwood, Matsuyama, or Scott as a sleeper, they don’t qualify.

You don’t have to go that far back to find someone who fits the role of a sleeper that won the Green Jacket. In fact, Patrick Reed did just that in 2018, winning at +5000. So did Sergio Garcia in 2017. Danny Willet was 50/1 in 2016 also.

Yes, 50/1 definitely makes you a sleeper. By no means does it put you out of the running though. Over the last four Masters, we have seen a GOAT and three sleepers wins. A Goat that, even though he had good odds, was truly closer to that of a sleeper with what people expected from him.

We have to look a bit further than that to find our sleepers. Let’s start with a man who hit one of the coolest shots in the history of the Masters.

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