Stefan and Xander Schauffele want you as a student

Stefan and Xander Schauffele are teaming up with Hyland to help you get the lesson of a lifetime.

PGA Tour Pros and their sponsors are always on the lookout for ways to connect with fans. What makes this so unique is that Xander and Hyland are taking it to a personal level with their Share Your Swing contest.

Golf memorabilia is great. Tickets to an event are special, too. But how often do you get to have a Top-10 player and his coach evaluate your swing and give you feedback?

As an old advertising guy, I’m always interested to see how brands interact with their customers. In this case, there are two brands – Xander and Hyland – combining their powers to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What caught my attention was the fact that this is the type of prize you can’t go out and buy for yourself. You can buy a trip to a tournament, you can buy memorabilia, and you can even pay your way into a Pro-Am and play with the Tour stars.

But will the player and his coach break down your swing and help you start striping it? Probably not.

I spoke with Xander about the unique contest and he’s excited to see the submissions.

“We’re encouraging all golfers, of all skill levels. Don’t worry, you know, my Dad and I play nice,” he said laughing.

Hyland will randomly select the ten finalist and winner, just to keep it fair. But Schauffele looks forward to being a co-instructor with his real life swing coach and father, Stefan Schauffele.

“My Dad and I are going to work on finding that person’s ‘X-factor’. I think we’ll be a pretty good one-two punch (as an instructor team).”

If you want to apply, just record a few swings and submit your entry online or post on social media with #Hylandcontest.

It’s cool way to have a chance to interact with a PGA Tour winner and his coach. Hopefully other brands will incorporate these types of contests and promotions that allow fans to forge a deeper connection with the players they follow.

It’s a surefire way to build a brand and bring fans inside the ropes. That grows the game and the bottom line.