Tony Finau proves eventually good guys get the win

Tony Finau. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Tony Finau. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Tony Finau has to be known as one of the nicest guys on the PGA Tour. After winning the 2021 Northern Trust playoff tournament, he proved that the good guys eventually win, and all is right in the world.

After1,975 days since his last win, it was finally Finau’s turn to close it out and finish victorious.

He shot a final-round 65 to get into a playoff with Cam Smith, and it only took one hole to make it happen.

Finau’s confidence on that playoff hole proved to everyone there, and watching on TV — he had it in the bag.

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We’ve seen this story before, in the movies, TV Shows, books where the good guy is the main character, and he gets hurt, or he’s a secondary character with the main one who happens to be getting married — or some form of that narrative.

Sometimes that guy wins, and other times he doesn’t, but more often than not — they do. Even in real life, I’m sure there was a partner that chose someone else even though the good person did everything right.

Tough things happen to good people, but they eventually get that much-needed win, and Finau finally got his. He broke the Puerto  Rico curse, and now the sky is the limit for him.

Once he won, the stories of his various acts of kindness came from all kinds of people, showing the world what we already knew about him, which made him winning that much sweeter.

From Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Tommy Fleetwood’s caddie Ian Finnis to many others congratulated or had some kind of story talking about Finau.

Even some of the golf reporters who travel to every tournament had nice things to say about Finau.

Not to mention the countless encounters that so many fans have had with Finau, which again makes this win that much sweeter.

In a society where so many people are selfish about everything, it brings me a ton of happiness to see someone as selfless as Finau succeed on the PGA Tour.

He proved that staying diligent, working on his game and being level-headed through all the nonsense will eventually result in a victory.

Finau is as genuine as they come in this world, and more players should take this approach to the game. While it hasn’t produced many wins, it made him one of the most-liked guys on Tour.

If someone didn’t like that Finau won, then there may be something wrong with them.

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It takes a special person like Finau to overcome the adversity he has, and the best part about the whole thing is, he will never change who he is — no matter how much success he finds.