How Tiger Woods Practices at Augusta National

Tiger Woods, Masters(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
Tiger Woods, Masters(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images) /

All eyes were on the practice range at Augusta National Monday as the world’s best golfers looked to sharpen their skills before the year’s first major. Here is a timeline of Tiger Woods’ practice session in preparation for The 86th Masters.

Tiger Woods began on the putting green at 1:30

Tiger Woods steps onto the putting green. Many players walked over for fist bumps and quick chats, as it had been a while since many had seen the legend. He then proceeded to roll putts for a little over ten minutes, working from short, to medium and long-distance looks – seemingly without any specific routine or regiment.

1:44 Short Game Area

Tiger Woods then walked from the putting green to a secluded part of the short game area, carrying two small bags of balls and two wedges. He never seemed to hit the same shot twice, as he put on a master class of different touch shots – changing targets, trajectories, and spins nonchalantly as he rifled through his exceedingly large bag of tricks.

He then swapped the wedges out for a short iron and showed even more creativity and touch. He choked down on what looked like a seven iron and began to hit low runners with a stroke that resembled an extended putting motion.

This put his true genius on full display, as he worked his way around different slopes on the green, making contact towards the toe of the ball to “deaden” the impact a bit, and allow him to take a full, confident stroke.

1:58 Bunker Work

Tiger Woods then threw a handful of balls into the sand trap and was shown doing some light bunker work, until the “Masters on the Range” live stream ended at 2:00. This didn’t seem to be an extensive session, as he was able to get out of the bunker and walk over to the big range before his next appearance on Golf Channel.

2:10 Tiger Woods on the Big Range

Monday coverage from Augusta picked up on Golf Channel, and while it wasn’t a dedicated feed, they continued to cut to the range for live look-ins at Tiger Woods. He hit roughly 30 balls, working through short, mid, and long irons before switching to 3 wood. He then pulled out the big stick and rattled off a string of accurate and powerful drives before finishing at 2:30

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2:30 Stand Behind JT

Tiger Woods then worked his way down the range and stood behind his friend Justin Thomas for a while. The two cracked jokes and Tiger seemed to be enjoying himself as Thomas finished up his session. Woods and Thomas then worked their way off the practice range and teed off at 3:00 for nine practice holes.