Hudson Swafford’s PXG Breaks on 13th Fairway

Hudson Swafford knows just as well as any tour pro that Augusta National is an unforgiving course. Known worldwide as one of the toughest tests in golf, inevitably, the course will get the better of any golfer at some point. Any past champion will tell you – if you want to succeed at The Masters, you can’t lose your head when times get tough.

Hudson literally lost his head Friday afternoon on the 13th fairway, his clubhead that is. After making contact with the ball, the force from the impact with the ground caused the head of Swafford’s long iron to completely separate from the shaft of the club, sending it flying off to his left. It quickly flew out of frame towards the creek lining the left side of the fairway, as Hudson Swafford stood confused for a moment, before realizing what had happened.

Hudson Swafford plays PXGs

Hudson Swafford is sponsored by Parsons Xtreme Golf, better known by the abbreviation PXG. The brand has been popping up around the PGA tour more often in recent years, sponsoring some top-tier golfers like Zach Johnson and Patrick Reed. PXG also carries one of the highest price points of any club manufacturer, and in their commercial, they proudly boast “Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.”

They seem to pride themselves on making “The world’s finest golf clubs” differently from the big brands, such as Titleist, Callaway, or Taylormade. It should be noted that all clubs from those manufacturers remained intact throughout the entirety of the day Friday. Most weekend golfers will recognize the clubs by the distinctive black screws that pepper the back of the irons. They seem to be most often accompanied by a flashy golfer with far more money than skill.

With one less club in the bag, Hudson Swafford was somehow able to maintain his composure, and close out the day with a score of 69. As for PXG, they should be unbothered by the incident, and incurring jokes, as in their own words – they “Ignore the Haters.”