New Golf Entrepreneurs: The Zoom Broom

Zoom Broom, Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
Zoom Broom, Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports /

Inspired by the highly successful entrepreneurs in golf, many golfers come up with their own interesting inventions. The Zoom Broom is one of the most innovative. It was created with one specific purpose: getting rid of leaves and other debris on the green before you putt. And it fits in your golf bag.

Yes,  you’re saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The idea men behind Zoom Broom are Randy Kuckuck and Kevin Newcomer, who is an engineer.  For them, the idea came while playing golf one September.

“I live in Michigan, and we have a lot of leaves in the fall,” Randy Kuckuck began in an interview done during the PGA Show last January.

Anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows this is true.  Leaves can fill up dozens of trash bags, even after they have been chopped up into mulch. If you’re a golfer, they are truly an annoyance. Leaves land all over the greens and have to be picked up or moved out of the way before golfers can putt because leaves will throw the ball off line.

Kuckuck and his friends discussed the problem as they picked up leaves on nearly every hole during one round. One member of the foursome said it would be great if they had a leaf blower with them.

A light bulb went off in Kuckuck’s head. So, he and a friend, Kevin Newcomer, got together and talked it over.

“We’ve been working on it ever since,” Kuckuck added.

They made a prototype and tried it out, making sure it fit in a golf bag, testing the power level to be sure it would do what they wanted it to do.  Then they started getting feedback and suggestions from friends.

"“We also have a home version because people saw it and said ‘I want one for the home to clean off my deck and patio,’” he explained."

That meant more than one speed of blowing and two versions of the Zoom Broom, the Tornado F2 and the Golf Breeze.  You’ve got to love the names.

They tried to make the Zoom Broom in the U.S. but found it was impossible.  The battery and motors that make Zoom Broom work are only made in China.

They thought they would have them last winter, but like everything else, Zoom Broom was delayed because of COVID.  Then they endured the same supply chain issues everyone has suffered in the last two years.

Initially, they are selling directly online at  Don’t forget the s.  They will expand to e-commerce sites once they have sufficient product.

"“Eventually, we will try to move out and try to get distributors and get into the big box stores and so on,” Kuckuck said. “We want to make sure our supply chain is in place well before we do that step.”"

However, you can now get one just in time for fall directly from Zoom Broom. Pre-orders are available at a lower price, but the offer expires on June 15th.

“It will be out in August.” He explained.

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The Zoom Broom Tornado F2, which works for home and business uses, is $169, but $20 off if you order now.  The Zoom Broom Golf Breeze, perfect for getting those pesky leaves off greens, is $159, but $20 off if you order now.

Zoom Broom comes with a wall mount, plug-in charger.  Battery life is 40 minutes on regular speed and 18 minutes on the highest speed.  Each model weighs less than two pounds.