Justin Thomas, Morikawa, Rahm, Lexi, in Slime Golf Saturday Nite

Justin Thomas, Slime Cup,Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Justin Thomas, Slime Cup,Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports /

Call me crazy, but combining Justin Thomas, Collin Morikawa, Jon Rahm, and Lexi Thompson with Slime Golf on Nickelodeon is the last thing any normal golf fan would expect to see.  And yet tonight ( Saturday, June 25th) it’s happening.

There are four Slime Teams competing in a two-round event on holes inspired by Nickelodeon shows.  Here’s a preview:

Jon Rahm wears a Sponge Bob costume.  There’s also a Sponge Bob golf hole.  But which came first? Doesn’t matter. You can never have too many Sponge Bobs. Right?

Justin Thomas walks around on a hole or a green, undetermined, that looks like a living room-sized pizza.  He also tees off with a Paw Patrol driver.

Lexi Thompson uses a giant orange slingshot to hit something we don’t see yet.

Someone tries to drive a golf cart that has about six giant stuffed pandas in it covering everything, including the driver.  No Slime was visible. (What kind of show is this anyway?)

Slime seems to pop up from ball washers.  A fire hydrant explodes with green slime.  We don’t even know what the object of the game is except it has some wonky golf shots and Slime. We just don’t know who gets hit and how often.

The main purpose has to be to win whatever this new kind of golf is plus not getting Slimed.  In other words, it’s the craziest golf ever, definitely not a USGA-approved event.  And there is slime, slime, and more slime.

Slime Cup Teams: Justin Thomas and The Pink Team

Justin Thomas leads The Pink Team featuring WWE Superstar Nikki Bella and Nickelodeon star Isaiah Crews ( son of Terry Crews), who is in Side Hustle on Nickelodeon.

Collin Morikawa and The Green Team

Collin Morikawa leads The Green Team which includes Nickelodeon favorite Terry Crews, who played pro football and then became an actor, and Nickelodeon star Jaidyn Triplett.

Jon Rahm and The Red Team

Jon Rahm leads The Red Team which has NFL Superstar Justin Herbert and Nickelodeon star Kate Godfrey also from Side Hustle and other programs.

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Lexi Thompson and The Orange Team

Lexi Thompson heads up The Orange Team which has NFL Superstar Saquon Barkley and Nickelodeon star Tyler Wladis from Fairly Oddparents.

The only question remaining:  Is there a cleanup hole?  Or just a hose?

Nickelodeon, Saturday at 8 PM EDT in the US.