Cam Smith Shows his Cards

Cam Smith, FedEx St. Jude Championship,(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Cam Smith, FedEx St. Jude Championship,(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

At this point, we all pretty much know Cam Smith is gone. His non-denials about his future on the PGA Tour speak volumes.

What’s more interesting is his withdrawal from the second leg of the FedEx Cup. His agent cited a hip injury as the reason, but his absence from the BMW Championship this week looks more like a sheepish demuring than an actual ailment.

Smith has been one of the brightest stars on Tour this year. His Players Championship and Open win give him a real shot at PGA Tour Player of the Year. He’s young, he’s incredibly talented, has an easy-going attitude, and has a future as bright as any player on the planet.

In 2022 alone, he’s earned over $9 million on the course. This doesn’t include endorsements which probably double that figure if his agent has a pulse.

But $20 million, an adoring fanbase, a Major Championship, and – until his withdrawal – a VERY good chance at adding several million more at the BMW and the Tour Championship, weren’t enough for him.

Cam Smith is almost assuredly moving to LIV Golf. He needs to secure his future, don’t you know?

To date, Dustin Johnson is the biggest star to abandon the PGA Tour. He still has the ability to win Majors. But at 37, he can see the window closing.

The average age for Major winners is 32.5 years old. Cam Smith is 28. He is just entering the prime of his career – that point when physical talent, experience, and mental toughness converge.

But a reported $100 million can change a guy’s mind.

Could Cam Smith earn $100 million in earnings and endorsements over the next 5 years? Maybe, if his agent is securing endorsement deals that typically emerge for Major winners.

Smith is also the new king of golf-crazy Australia. I’m guessing Vegemite would throw a few bucks at him.

But we will likely never know his future on the PGA Tour. It’s quite possible Smith has played his last Major, Players Championship, and FedEx Cup.

The PGA Players are meeting on Tuesday before the BMW Championship to discuss the recent court ruling against three LIV Golf plaintiffs and the future of the PGA Tour as more lawsuits are on the horizon.

It’s rumored that even Tiger Woods is flying in for the meeting. This suggests decisions about the near and long-term future of the PGA Tour will be on the agenda.

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One thing the remaining PGA players agree on – the future of the PGA Tour shouldn’t include any of the LIV Golf renegades, including Cam Smith.

In all this confusion and subversion, one truth has emerged. The only place to watch the best golfers in the world compete against each other will be in a courtroom.