The Grind on Youtube is a must watch documentary for all golfers

Mark Baldwin, Buick Open,(Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images)
Mark Baldwin, Buick Open,(Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images) /

The film company, The Fire Pit Collective, and the golf instruction company GOLFTEC have recently come out with a new series called The Grind, which tells the stories of golfers trying to make it to the PGA Tour.

As a beginner golfer taking lessons through GOLFTEC, this naturally piqued my curiosity and I’m hooked after episode 1! You can go check out the trailer, and episodes one and two are already out.

The reason why I’m hooked on this series is that, while everyone loves to watch the PGA Tour and see their favorite stars every weekend, what this series shows is just how tough the PGA Tour is to get on to. And that golf is an unforgiving game that these people put their whole lives into.

The Grind shows the real-life struggle that these guys and girls face on a daily basis.

It shows how it affects their families, etc. These golfers spend a ton of money with no guarantee that things will work out for them, and yet they still do it because they love the game of golf so much.

The first episode chronicles the journey of Mark Baldwin, a Korn Ferry Tour golfer trying to make his way on the PGA Tour. Without giving away too much, you see how much Mark has to go through just to make ends meet.

I really do admire The Fire Pit Collective for putting this series together because it shows the other side of golf we rarely see and hear about.

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This has definitely changed my perspective on golf and as a beginner golfer, I realize how hard these guys work to make their dreams a reality.

It makes me want to work harder on my game to make myself a better golfer. It showed me how hard you have to work, just to even get a shot at the PGA Tour.