TRUE linkswear All Day Knit 3 Review

Joel Dahmen, ZOZO Championship,(Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)
Joel Dahmen, ZOZO Championship,(Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images) /

TRUE linkswear let me take their new All Day Knit 3 golf shoes for a spin. Here’s everything you need to know before you buy – and, spoiler alert – you need to get a pair right now.

The All Day Knit 3 shoes are targeted at that emerging golf apparel niche known as transitional wear. You know, stuff you can wear to the course and around town.

There is no shortage of great brands making such apparel. Peter Millar, Linksoul, Johnny-O, Straight Down – there are dozens of great companies out there that make quality apparel that works equally well on or off the course.

It’s easy to find shirts, pants, and pullovers that can do double duty on and off the course. Shoes? Well, that’s another animal. A golf shoe is a specialized piece of equipment that needs to check certain boxes.

A golf shoe needs to provide grip and traction across a variety of surfaces. It also needs to provide ample support and stability throughout the golf swing. Finally, it needs to be comfortable as you may find yourself walking 5-6 miles during a round.

In short, there is a reason you don’t see people wearing golf shoes around town. They look odd when seen outside their natural environment.

Enter the TRUE linkswear All Day Knit 3.

First, I will tell you this is my first pair of shoes from TRUE linkswear so I had no prior notions about performance or quality. The brand has a bit of a cult following and most commenters rave about its comfort.

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. They come in a breathable travel bag with a grommeted polypro towel that – though I’m not sure what to do with it – adds a touch of value and branding that I like.

What became immediately apparent was that the All Day Knit 3 is a golf shoe, designed by golfers and for golfers who value style AND functionality.

This shoe shines in the details, all of which point to a design team that thought about what a golfer needs and wants; not just what looks good on a shelf. The fact that the final product looks equally at home away from the course is the real genius here.

If you need another reason, Joel Dahmen – everyone’s new favorite player after his appearance in Netflix’s Full Swing – is a TRUE linkswear Ambassador. Who doesn’t love Joel?

Back to those details.

The All Day Knit 3 is a highly breathable mesh golf shoe. It is not a shoe for wet climates, nor is it intended to be a four-season shoe. However, it might be the best summer shoe I’ve ever come across.

It features multiple different weaves – from the toe box to the collar – that have different functions and provides stretch and breathability based on location.

The shoe itself is a “sock fit” style with a seamless tongue. However, the laces do help create a more customized fit. Unlike other “sock fit” shoes, this one is easy to get on and off because the collar has nice stretch and the loops on the heel and top of the tongue are actually big enough to allow your fingers to grasp and pull.

The biggest problem with mesh shoes on the course is that they often don’t provide good support. However, the All Day Knit 3 has attacked this issue with intelligence and style.

Outside, the heel is reinforced with a microsuede band but the secret to this shoe’s amazing support and stability is inside.

Inside the heal cup is another microsuede liner that not only adds stability but holds your sock and heel in place. It’s an ingenious design that adds comfort, support, and stability. The footbed has a similar material that keeps your foot in place while walking and swinging.

I joked to my friend that they felt like Ninja shoes. They were confoundingly light, like an elite running shoe, and felt like an extension of my body. There were no folds, creases, or clunkiness. Simply put, it was like I was barefoot. And that was right out of the box.

Equally impressive is the sole. It had grip for days, better than most rubber or plastic soft spike shoes I’ve tried. They almost felt tacky on the grass. I was blown away by the stability and grip across different surfaces. I didn’t experience anything close to a slip.

The sole also extends out from the sides of the toe box. It’s very subtle and adds to the running shoe look. Smartly, it provides a slightly wider base of grip for the ball of the foot. That’s a good thing for stability and comfort.

Again, the details were so impressive. TRUE really let the quality of the shoe materials and the intent of the designer shine through.

There is craftsmanship in the TRUE linkswear ALL Day Knit 3. This shoe is not just a runner with a nubby sole. It’s a golf shoe evolution that perfectly melds the needs of a golfer with the comfort and looks of a casual runner.

There are no neon swirls. It’s not covered in logos. It looks like a standard mesh runner. To the uninitiated, it’s an innocuous-looking shoe that will even appeal to non-golfers.

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But under the hood, it’s all wolf, no sheep – these shoes perform their task at the highest level. All those wonderful, well-thought-out, expertly executed details make this an innovative golf shoe that might just become your favorite off-course shoe, too.