WATCH: Si Woo Kim Hysterically Acts Hurt After Ball Hits Him

Si Woo Kim, 123rd U.S. Open,(Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)
Si Woo Kim, 123rd U.S. Open,(Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images) /

WATCH: Si Woo Kim hysterically shows off his acting chops after near disaster at U.S. Open.

Golf. It’s supposed to be fun after all, isn’t it? Si Woo Kim certainly showed us it can be.

And in a tournament where players are openly expressing their distaste for the course and fans can’t find enough to complain about, it may have been needed.

The four-time PGA Tour winner, who won at the Sony Open in Hawaii in January, was waiting on the almost-famous 15th tee box when Keith Mitchell’s second shot on the par-5 14th went wayward off the fairway to the left and landed right in front of Kim, but not before grazing him on the back.

Keith Mitchell found his ball; and Kim, decided to put on his best acting job as the South Korean playfully fell to the ground and grabbed his side. The two had a good laugh and shared a hug following the near-catastrophic event, offering a light-hearted moment for both the gallery and viewers.

While the workman’s comp will have to be sorted out later, Mitchell can consider Kim his gift from the golf gods today because his body prevented his ball from finding the rough.

Si Woo Kim narrowly escaped a Keith Mitchell missile at LACC.

If Si Woo Kim’s laugh and good nature did not show enough that he was unfazed by the hit, his birdie on the par-3 15th definitely did.

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Keith Mitchell has not been the luckiest this weekend when it comes to wayward balls, as he hit one into the grandstands on the 17th hole during the opening round.

The ball hit a patron in a much, much, less desirable spot than the one that had hit Si Woo Kim on Saturday. Let’s hope the Californian golfer can break his habit before he claims another victim during Sunday’s final round of the U.S. Open.