WATCH: Max Homa & Justin Thomas Share Final Round Thoughts

Justin Thomas and Max Homa, 2023 PLAYERS Championship,(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Justin Thomas and Max Homa, 2023 PLAYERS Championship,(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

Whatever you envision PGA Tour golfers who did not make the cut at a tournament doing during the final round, look no further than Justin Thomas and Max Homa, who gave us the commentary we needed but didn’t deserve down the stretch of Sunday’s final round at the U.S. Open.

Justin Thomas joined the conversation of the final round Sunday on Twitter, where he let the golf world know he and Max Homa were watching together with rosé wine and contemplating going on Instagram Live to share their thoughts.

Just guys being dudes. You love to see it.

I think I speak for us all when I say I wish Thomas had taken the official PGA Tour’s offer to go live.

Thomas followed up his original tweet to share the two pro golfer’s respective prediction for what the U.S. Open winner would finish the tournament at.

Kudos to Max Homa for nailing the winning score.

A bit later on in the evening, Thomas shared a video of Max Homa (in front of a champagne tower, no less- a fitting watch party environment for the two accomplished players) who shared live thoughts and even gave a hilarious comment on what the two of them would be shooting if they were in the field Sunday.

With Thomas’ imaginary microphone, Homa re-iterated his 10-under-par scoring prediction, this time sharing he believes Wyndham Clark will be the one recording it and sealing the win.

“I would have… 3 or 4 over. I’m accepting it at this point today for myself. 4 to 5 over for Justin. I’d beat him by one,” Homa humbly declared the duo’s score potential for the final round.

“That was a pretty terrible analysis if you ask me,” Thomas retorted.

“Now that you’ve discredited my comments, Justin 8, 9, 10 over,” Homa playfully responded.

“So basically what I shot on Friday,” Thomas said, laughing behind the phone.

Pro golfers, just like us, able to make light fun at their game.

Justin Thomas shared his thoughts on the tournament throughout the weekend prior to the video with Homa, and while we certainly would always hope no more cuts are in the near future for either player to give them this opportunity, we’d be amiss in saying the golf world wouldn’t benefit from more live commentary from the duo.

Max Homa continued his Major frustrations during the second round of the tournament, following up an impressive opening round 68 with a 76 on Friday. Justin Thomas, as he was able to joke about on Sunday, had the second-worst score of his PGA Tour career on Friday as he recorded an 81.

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While the circumstances of the watch party were unfortunate, the golf world can be thankful for the duos’ good spirits and entertaining commentary. We just hope if there’s a next time they take up the Tour’s offer on the Instagram password.