Capital One’s The Match: Bet on Underdogs Mahomes and Kelce

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, 2022 American Century Championship,(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images)
Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, 2022 American Century Championship,(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images) /

The eighth edition of Capital One’s ‘The Match’ will air Thursday with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and tight end duo Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce facing off against the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning duo of Mahomes and Kelce are headed into the 12-hole scramble as +220 underdogs and if there’s one thing I know as a football fan, it’s to not bet against Mahomes- especially when he’s the underdog.

Sure, Steph Curry has a +1 handicap. Did that mean a win for him back in 2020 during the third edition of ‘The Match’? Nope. Curry and Peyton Manning lost 4 and 3 to Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley.

Patrick Mahomes may have lost alongside Josh Allen to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers last year at his first ‘The Match’ appearance, but despite being underdogs heading into that Match, only lost because of a clutch putt on the final hole from the Jet’s new QB to put away the win.

Mahomes’ partner Allen playfully acknowledged how the Chiefs QB carried the duo throughout the round of best ball.

Playing alongside his favorite offensive weapon will be the boost Mahomes needs to bounce back and not go 0-2 in ‘The Match’ tournaments.

Despite Kelce describing himself as a casual golfer, the duo’s strength will lie in driving the ball. In a conference call Wednesday, the Chiefs TE boasted of his ability to drive the ball “330-plus”. The scramble format will allow for No. 15 to play off Kelce’s strengths and for their talents to complement one another throughout the 12 holes.

On the basketball side of things, I predict Curry will be carrying his Golden State teammate, whose swing was described as “stiff as ever” and rated as the worst swing of the four professional athletes by Collin Morikawa.

Morikawa gave nods to Kelce as having the smoothest swing of the group.

Look for the Kansas City stars to have the advantage due to their impeccable chemistry.

Plus, who could bet against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in Las Vegas?

Kelce asked this same question Wednesday.

"“I don’t think we’re underdogs in this at all, man, I don’t know about Steph and Klay, but Pat and I have never lost in Vegas, and that’s not a shot at the (Las Vegas) Raiders because we’ve won Pro Bowls, we’ve won golf tournaments. I’m not sure if the Wynn wants to see us on the roulette table or the craps table as much as they wanna see us on the golf course.”"

Though Mahomes may have lost in his ‘The Match’ debut, Kelce is certainly right in saying the duo has never lost in Vegas; together, at least. Last year, they won the inaugural 8AM Golf Invitational hosted by Justin Timberlake and Wynn Las Vegas.

Expect the Chiefs Super Bowl-winning duo to be firing off bombs and taking advantage of the scramble format, leaving Vegas with one more win under their belt.

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Capital One’s The Match VIII airs on TNT Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET.