3 best things Keegan Bradley said during Ryder Cup Captaincy press conference

•Will LIV players be allowed on the team?

•Will Keegan Bradley select himself as a player?

Keegan Bradley - 2014 Ryder Cup
Keegan Bradley - 2014 Ryder Cup / Harry How/GettyImages
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2. Keegan Bradley will select from LIV and PGA Tour players for the 2025 Ryder Cup

Another point of controversy for the 2025 Ryder Cup (as well as last year) is whether LIV players should be eligible to participate. Some feel they shouldn’t be allowed since they ditched the PGA Tour while others think they should be welcomed since this isn’t a PGA Tour event.

I for one am part of the group that thinks they should be allowed to compete, and thankfully Bradley seems to agree.

Bradley said: “I’m going to have the 12 best players on the team. I don’t care where they play.”

The reason why this is such a huge development is because the strength of the US team just increased dramatically. Just think for one second if the Ryder Cup was this year and Bryson DeChambeau was left off the team. Nobody other than Scottie Scheffler has had a better season than DeChambeau, so leaving him off the team would feel wrong.

It’s unclear at this time if LIV players will be able to earn one of the six automatic spots, but my guess would be they won’t be able to. So it’ll be up to Bradley to select any LIV player if he chooses to do so.