What's Next? The Imperative Need for a Major TV Deal for LIV Golf

LIV Golf's trajectory towards mainstream success, buoyed by the acquisition of Jon Rahm, hinges on the pivotal decision of securing a substantial television deal for the upcoming 2025 season.
LIV Golf Invitational
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Recognizing the limitations posed by the current CW Network contract, the league aims to transition to major networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, or ESPN to amplify accessibility, fan engagement, and overall appeal, ensuring a strategic move towards solidifying its premier status in the golfing realm.

After landing the best golfer in the world, Jon Rahm, many are wondering what is next for LIV Golf in their pursuit of becoming a legitimate competitor with the PGA.

LIV Golf has taken a significant step forward with the Rahm signing, however, as the league aims for broader success, it's imperative to recognize the importance of securing a substantial television deal for next year’s 2025 season. The CW Network is not a viable option for continued success and growth.

Dawson’s Creek reruns are not the ideal lead-in for LIV tournaments and its fanbase.

The CW contract runs through the end of 2024 but moving forward LIV must secure a deal with one of the major networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, or ESPN. And as we know, that might be an uphill climb when considering where the money is potentially coming from and the ethics behind those decisions.

We all also know that money talks in the corporate world, but at what expense? Is the risk going to be worth the reward for one of the major networks?

It’s not just the CW Network itself, the broadcast format of LIV Golf's first rounds in 2023, limited to streaming platforms without television coverage, raises concerns about accessibility and exposure.

The decision to broadcast international events on tape delay adds another layer of complication, diminishing the live viewing experience for fans. This discrepancy in broadcast quality becomes particularly apparent when juxtaposed with live events taking place simultaneously.

With an ambitious schedule of six domestic events and eight international tournaments planned for 2024, LIV Golf risks alienating its dedicated fan base by forcing them to rely on delayed coverage, knowing the outcomes before the events even air.

The critical playoff between Talor Gooch and Brooks Koepka in Jeddah last year exemplifies a missed opportunity for the league to capture viewership. Such compelling moments should be broadcast as must-see TV, enhancing the league's appeal and engaging fans on a consistent basis.

For a golf league striving for mainstream recognition and a more substantial fan base, addressing the current broadcasting limitations should be a top priority.

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Securing a major television deal with reputable networks will not only ensure widespread accessibility but also elevate the league's status in the eyes of potential fans. The move from the underperforming and secondary CW Network to established networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, or ESPN aligns with the league's growth ambitions and maximizes its potential for success.

As LIV Golf continues to attract top talent, with many more signing rumors circling, a strategic television partnership is the next logical step in solidifying its position as a premier golfing entity on the global stage.