Brandel Chamblee got absolutely dunked on for his take on Valhalla

The golf analyst got dragged on social media for his take on Valhalla.
Brandel Chamblee
Brandel Chamblee / Marcus Ingram/GettyImages

While Xander Schauffele's victory and Scottie Scheffler's arrest will be the main storylines many remember from the PGA Championship, another is the fact that Brandel Chamblee was roundly criticized for his take on the host course, Valhalla.

Brandel Chamblee got utterly dunked on for his take on Valhalla

Schauffele's impressive victory was a long time coming as he has knocked on the door so many times in big tournaments. However, his winning score of -21, which is the lowest in major championship history, led some to criticize Valhalla for being set up too easy for the best players in the world.

Chamblee did not agree with this take and said as much on social media.

In response to a social media post questioning whether Valhalla is the best major championship course, Chamblee replied: "It’s 6 for 6 for drama and the 2008 Ryder Cup was not a snooze fest…but just think how good it would be if they cut all the trees down as well as the rough so players could chase angles and have more options around the greens."

This passive-aggressive remark appears to be aimed at those who are critical of the way Valhalla is set up. Many seem to feel that it does not provide an adequate enough test for the world's best players the way that other major championship venues do. Here were some critical responses to Chamblee.

Those who disagree with Chamblee's take seem to argue that just because iconic moments happen on a golf course does not mean it is a great golf course. This discourse was underway even before the tournament began as chronicled in Gabby Herzig's article for The Athletic.

Chamblee tried to clarify his stance in a reply to one of his critics:

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Ultimately, the debate seems a little bit silly. Sure, we can say that Valhalla is not on the same level as Pebble Beach or St. Andrews in terms of the world's best courses. However, major championships there have produced really exciting and dramatic finishes which are ultimately great for the game of golf.