Will golf's most notorious mystery man Anthony Kim really mount a comeback?

Will golf's most notorious mystery man Anthony Kim really make his return to professional golf?
Anthony Kim - Iskandar Johor Open - Day Two
Anthony Kim - Iskandar Johor Open - Day Two / Ian Walton/GettyImages

Ever since he seemingly disappeared off the face of the golf world about a decade ago, the question has been asked: what happened to Anthony Kim? We may finally get that answer as there are rumors that Kim may be planning his return to professional golf.

Will golf's most notorious mystery man Anthony Kim really mount a comeback?

At one time, Kim was one of the most exciting golfers playing. He was an exciting and electric part of the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup team and won several tournaments on the PGA Tour. He seemed like he could be on track to become one of the best players of his generation. A guy with enough talent to win multiple major championships.

Then just like that, it all stopped. For a while, many just presumed he was dealing with injuries. But as one year turned into several people began asking questions. That is when the rumors about Kim having some sort of multi-million-dollar insurance policy began to pick up steam.

Nothing has been 100% confirmed about the veracity of this claim, but it would make sense. What else could explain why a guy brimming with talent would just disappear from the game?

Once the LIV Golf Tour began to pick up steam several years ago, there were jokes that with the vast sums of money they were throwing around, this would be what got Anthony Kim back on a golf course competitively.

Now, those jokes may turn into reality as there is reporting that Kim is mulling whether to return to the PGA Tour or join the LIV circuit.

It would make a lot of sense for him to join LIV because that seems to be what that tour is all about; splashiness and intrigue without much substance behind it.

While they have lured some of the biggest names in golf to their tour, even players like Brooks Koepka have admitted in the past that the level of competition is not the same as on the PGA Tour.

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It will be fascinating to see what path Kim decides on. No matter what, his much-awaited return to professional golf would create a lot of buzz for whichever tour he decides to play on.