Will Jon Rahm's Masters feast help smooth over LIV-PGA Tour divides?

The Masters champion will serve a feast at the Champion's dinner.

Jon Rahm - The Masters
Jon Rahm - The Masters / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Masters just announced what Jon Rahm's Champion's Dinner menu will feature. While the dinner looks delicious, there will still likely be unease at the table given the split between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Will Jon Rahm's Masters feast help smooth over LIV-PGA Tour divides?

The Masters announced what will be served at Jon Rahm's Champion's Dinner. Look below to see what will be served and be warned, your mouth may water:

Looks like a very tasty meal.

However, will this feast be enough to smooth over the tension and awkwardness that will inevitably be there at the Champion's Dinner as well as the event all week?

It is difficult to say. Last year, people tried to read the tea leaves based on the photo from the dinner and reports that Phil Mickelson was very quiet at the meal.

What did it all mean that a guy who is famous for talking a lot and liking the sound of his own voice was pretty quiet? No one truly knows.

This year may have even more intrigue surrounding the dinner. Jon Rahm was a member of the PGA Tour when he won at Augusta National last April. Now, he is a member of LIV Golf. For PGA Tour players like Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler, it may be the first time that they have seen Rahm in a while.

There may be some awkwardness, but ultimately it seems like the dinner is a jovial affair where champions young and old swap stories and catch up with one another.

Even if it goes unspoken, the tension between LIV players and PGA Tour players will remain. It will certainly be felt amongst the players and the fans, especially if the leaderboard on the weekend features players from both tours.

Rahm's dinner may prove good eating, but it will not smooth over all of the differences that have divided the game of golf and ultimately hurt the fans as the best players in the world now only compete against each other four times a year.

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The Masters begins in less than a month and will be contested April 11-14.