Jordan Spieth continues to specialize in the utterly bizarre

Jordan Spieth - Valero Texas Open
Jordan Spieth - Valero Texas Open / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

Jordan Spieth was 2 under on the round on Saturday before heading to the 18th hole. It had been a pretty normal round up to that point, but with Spieth, weird things can happen at any moment.

He stepped up on the tee box on the par-five 18th hole and hit his drive just a little bit left of where he was aiming. The ball landed on the fairway and took a massive hop into the left rough. It was a bit of an unfortunate break. Then when you saw where it ended up, you realized it was a very very unlucky break. The ball ended up skipping a few more bounces through the rough and settled under a tree right next to a small cactus.

There is a lot of 'native area' around TPC San Antonio if you miss fairways, but not many times do you see a ball end up in a spot like this.

Jordan Spieth had a decision to make.

He decided to play the shot from where it was. The cactus that was next to the ball really affected where he had to aim, not to mention the trees that were between his ball and a path back to the fairway. So he spoke to a rules official and learned that there was no out-of-bounds left. In fact, if you hit it far enough left, you can be behind the grandstands, and that would lead to a free drop.

That is exactly what Spieth attempted to do. He took a whack with an iron and hit the ball way left. Unfortunately, the ball ended up in a hazard area right next to a huge drainage hole. If the ball hadn't ended up in a hazard area, he would've gotten the previously mentioned free drop because the grandstands would have been impeding his line to the green.

Therefore, Spieth decided to play his shot from the hazard area and blast it even further left, basically aiming it at the clubhouse (which he confirmed with a rules official, is not out of bounds) because he knew it would be behind the grandstands over there and he'd get a free drop just short left of the green, roughly about 100 yards out from the hole.

Spieth's next shot ended up landing on the roof of the clubhouse and funneling down into a gutter. Yes, you read that right.

He then took his drop, hit a punch shot under the tree limbs onto the green, and 3 putted for double-bogey.

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Not the best way to end his round, but it's all part of the 'Jordan Spieth experience.'