The most impressive golf feat not enough people are talking about

History was made at the US Senior Open this year.
Frank Bensel - PGA Championship
Frank Bensel - PGA Championship / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

No feat in golf is more impressive than hitting a hole-in-one.

Sure you could argue winning a major championship or any pro golf tournament for that matter is better, but for us weekend warrior golfers the next best thing is a hole-in-one.

I’m sure some of you reading this have been fortunate enough to hit one (yes, I’m very jealous) and some likely have multiple. But how many have had more than one in the same round?

My guess is zero.

However, last week we witnessed one of the most impressive feats on a golf course I think I have ever seen, and not enough people are talking about it.

Frank Bensel Jr. records back-to-back aces at the US Senior Open

Yes, you read that correctly. Professional golfer Frank Bensel Jr. hit two hole-in-ones in a row at the US Senior Open, the biggest senior tournament of the year. Bensel was able to record his aces on holes four and five from 173 and 202 yards respectively.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how likely is that to happen?

To put it into perspective, the national hole-in-one registry puts the odds of hitting one hole-in-one at 12,500 to 1. That probability explodes to 67 million to 1 to hit two in the same round. But to do it on back-to-back holes? That probability doesn’t even exist.

The next thing you’re probably wondering is how good of a score Bensel posted that day. Surely he went way under par considering he went -4 in two holes. Shockingly enough, he actually finished the round with a 74 (+4) and a 36 (+1) on the front nine where these aces occurred.

To be fair to Bensel, his emotions were probably through the roof after that second ace. I’ve never recorded one myself, but I always seem to struggle on the next hole after the handful of eagles I’ve had in my life. And I know if I had back-to-back aces I wouldn’t even care what my final score was.

So I hope we all enjoy this moment because we likely won’t see it again in our lifetimes. But that won’t stop me from pushing my luck and trying to accomplish this same feat. Not many golf courses have back-to-back par 3s, but a course not far from me does, so I’ll be heading out there soon to see if I can replicate this impressive feat Bensel pulled last week at the US Senior Open.