Predicting where Tiger Woods will play the rest of 2024

Tiger Woods has said he plans to play in at least one tournament a month in 2024. Let's take a look at where he could play the rest of this year.
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Last December, Tiger Woods said that it was his goal to play in at least one competitive tournament each month of 2024.

January came and went without him teeing it up in a tournament, but from February onward there is a chance we could see Tiger play competitively at least once every month. This article will attempt to predict what events he will play in the rest of the year.

Predicting where Tiger Woods will play the rest of 2024

Before injuries limited how much Tiger has been able to play, he would usually start his season in San Diego at the Farmers Insurance Open. Torrey Pines is a course that Tiger has dominated since he was a junior golfer, so it always made sense for him to start his season off on a course he loved.

However, Tiger chose not to tee it up in La Jolla this year. This comes as a bit of a surprise since he said his goal was to compete in one event per month. But with his likely first event coming up soon, perhaps he felt that it would be too quick of a turnaround for his body.

Let's start with where Tiger Woods will play starting in February.

Tiger Woods February Schedule

The event Tiger will play in in February should come as no surprise: the Genesis Invitational which is held in Los Angeles at Riviera Country Club. Not only was this the first PGA Tour event that Woods ever competed in as a teenager, it is also an event that his TGR Foundation is involved with so Woods is there no matter what even if he is not playing.

In a social media post announcing the end of his partnership with Nike, Woods included this at the end of it: "See you in LA!"

We will almost certainly see Woods tee it up in Los Angeles next week barring something unforeseen. After that, his schedule is less clear.