Ranking all 5 of Tiger Woods' Masters Championship Victories

Let's take a look at all 5 of the GOAT's Masters victories.
Tiger Woods - The Masters
Tiger Woods - The Masters / Andrew Redington/GettyImages
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Ranking Tiger Woods' Masters victories #4: 2001 Masters

Much like 2002, this Masters victory did not come as much of a shock to anybody. Especially because Tiger had won the previous three major championships and completed his very own 'Tiger Slam' by winning the 2001 Masters.

What is easily forgotten about this Masters is that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were paired together in the final group on Sunday. Perhaps since it did not end up being an epic duel between the two going back and forth on Sunday it is not remembered by many.

But this is something the golf world had been anticipating for some time. Phil was establishing himself as a challenger to Tiger, so to see the two go head to head on Sunday at Augusta was must-see-TV. Ultimately, it was fairly undramatic even though David Duval made a valiant charge up the board to make things at least a little close at the end. Tiger held a one-stroke lead going to 18 and birdied it to give him a comfortable two-stroke victory.

One could make the argument that because this victory meant that Tiger held all four major championships at the same time, it should be ranked higher. This is valid, but it simply did not have the flare and intrigue that would present itself in some of Tiger's other victories.

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