Ranking all 5 of Tiger Woods' Masters Championship Victories

Let's take a look at all 5 of the GOAT's Masters victories.
Tiger Woods - The Masters
Tiger Woods - The Masters / Andrew Redington/GettyImages
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Ranking Tiger Woods' Masters victories #3: 2005 Masters

The 2005 Masters has one of the most iconic moments in all of golf with Tiger's unforgettable chip in on the 16th hole in Sunday's round. It is worth watching it every now and then.

It is arguably the most iconic shot from Tiger's entire career and can still make the hair on one's arm stand up to this day. In fact, it is so iconic that many fans likely forget that Tiger went on to bogey both 17 and 18 which led to a playoff between him and Chris DiMarco which Tiger ended up winning.

But if things had gone differently in that playoff, who knows if that shot holds the iconic place it currently does in golf history.

People may also forget that earlier in the tournament, Tiger putted a ball into the water. That's right. The best golfer in the world at the time literally putted a ball off the green and into Rae's Creek on the 13th hole.

2005 was perhaps the toughest of his victories because he started behind the 8-ball after a 74 in round one put him 7 shots back of DiMarco. He got right back into things with a 66 and 65 in rounds two and three which were delayed due to weather and gave him a three-shot lead going into Sunday.

After finishing birdie-birdie-bogey-bogey, Tiger birdied the first playoff hole to defeat DiMarco and take home his 4th Green Jacket. What is even more remarkable is that Tiger had not won a major since 2002. He had gone nearly three years without winning one which was almost unthinkable at the time given the pace he was on.

His victory at the 2005 Masters got him back on track at the majors and provided arguably the most iconic shot in the history of golf.