Ranking all 5 of Tiger Woods' Masters Championship Victories

Let's take a look at all 5 of the GOAT's Masters victories.
Tiger Woods - The Masters
Tiger Woods - The Masters / Andrew Redington/GettyImages
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Ranking Tiger Woods' Masters victories #2: 1997 Masters

Rarely are there tournaments that entirely change the trajectory of a sport, but that is exactly what the 1997 Masters did. Tiger's 12-stroke victory inspired a whole new generation of golfers and brought way more eyeballs to the game than there had ever been.

It is all the more remarkable considering Tiger started the event by shooting 40 on the first 9 holes he played. He came back with 30 on his second nine and never looked back as he dominated the field and put the entire golf world on notice that the Tiger era had begun.

His competitors realized that this guy was something else entirely. He was a force to be reckoned with and had a combination of raw talent, work ethic, and supreme mental focus that the game, and arguably all of sport, had never seen.

The victory led to efforts to "Tiger-proof" Augusta National in an effort to ensure that Tiger's length would not allow him to just overpower the course every year. Despite this, Tiger still picked up several more green jackets.

One could very easily argue that this was Tiger's greatest Masters victory, but everyone loves a good comeback story which is why the number one ranking on this list goes to another year.