Ridiculous Scottie Scheffler arrest footage leaves golf fans exasperated

Scottie Scheffler - 2024 PGA Championship
Scottie Scheffler - 2024 PGA Championship / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Less than a week after the tragic circumstances that led to a loss of life and the bizarre situation that led to the arrest of World No.1, Scottie Scheffler, more information about the events that took place during the early morning hours on Friday of this year's PGA Championship are beginning to come to light.

Fans were left stunned last week when news broke that this year's Masters champion had been arrested outside of Valhalla Golf Club prior to his second round at the year's second major championship. Scheffler would later be released on bail and miraculously make his second round tee time, but not before being charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals from officers directing traffic.

Per the initial police report by LMPD, Scheffler is alleged to have ignored the directions of Louisville Metro Police Detective, Bryan Gillis, who was drug by Scheffler's vehicle suffering injuries and damages to his uniform in the process. Scottie, who described the incident as a misunderstanding, was initially scheduled to have his arraignment on Tuesday but that date has since been pushed to June 3.

On Thursday, Louisville Police released the first footage of the incident that occurred last Friday. This came after Detective Gillis had previously been disciplined for not having his body-worn camera on during his encounter with the two-time major champion.

The footage that was released to the public on Thursday morning shows the incident from two different angles, a police car dash cam, and the other a camera that captured the incident from a fixed pole across the street from the entrance to Valhalla Golf Club. Neither video footage appears to depict what Detective Gillis described, quite the contrary in fact. Understandably, it didn't take long for the release of the footage to make the rounds on social media and for fans to become outraged by the apparent ridiculous video of the whole ordeal.

Fans and players react to ridiculous Scottie Scheffler arrest footage

It remains to be seen what will play out next, but judging by the seemingly ridiculous footage that was released on Thursday by Louisville PD, it's hard to fathom how Scheffler was in the wrong in this scenario.

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Instead, it would appear both fans and players alike have every right to be outraged by the asinine ordeal. Either way, none of this looks good for Detective Gillis who appears to have fabricated the whole ordeal for one reason or another.