This one shocking statistic captures Scottie Scheffler's putting woes perfectly

The number one golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler, has been struggling with his putting for a while now.

Scottie Scheffler - The Genesis Invitational
Scottie Scheffler - The Genesis Invitational / Harry How/GettyImages

It is rare that the number one golfer in the world would have a glaring, obvious weakness in their game, but this is the case with Scottie Scheffler. The Texan has struggled with his putter for some time now, and this statistic captures those struggles.

This one shocking statistic captures Scottie Scheffler's putting woes

The narrative that Scottie Scheffler is far and away the best ball striker in the world while being a well below-average putter has persisted for years now. While he has won tournaments and had success since his 2022 Masters victory, there is the lingering question, "What if?"

What if Scheffler was simply a tour-average putter and still had his other-worldly ball-striking skills? He would almost certainly have a few more major championships under his belt and several PGA Tour wins as well.

This shocking statistic was shared by Claire Rogers of on social media:

It is truly remarkable to see Scheffler's putting woes quantified in such a way. It is even more jarring when they are in juxtaposition to his unbelievable ball-striking stats.

It is a common phrase in golf that one drives for show and putts for dough, and this especially seems to apply to Scheffler. While he is certainly making a lot of dough and accruing a lot of world ranking points based off his ball-striking, he just cannot seem to get over the hump with the putter.

He has tried different putters recently and has begun using the thicker SuperStroke grip. So far, nothing has worked for him. At this point, it can be safely assumed that this is mostly a mental issue rather than a physical one. It cannot help to be asked about it by reporters every week as well. Any normal person would begin to doubt themselves if their ability to putt was questioned so consistently.

One would think that eventually Scheffler will get everything to click, or at least get to a point where he is an average putter.

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We all know how good he is, but if he can improve his putting and go on a run of winning major championships, he could wind up being one of the best players of his generation.