Talor Gooch's laughable "asterisk" comment reveals entitlement of LIV players

Talor Gooch recently intimated that a Masters without him has an asterisk.
Talor Gooch - LIV Golf Invitational - Mayakoba
Talor Gooch - LIV Golf Invitational - Mayakoba / Manuel Velasquez/GettyImages

Talor Gooch recently made laughable comments about the supposed unfairness of major championships and who they let compete in them. The comment revealed the entitlement of many players on the LIV golf circuit.

Talor Gooch's laughable "asterisk" comment reveals entitlement of LIV players

In case you have not read or heard about Gooch's comments, to paraphrase them, he essentially feels that major championships are not letting in enough LIV players such as himself. He went on to say that if Rory McIlroy wins the Masters this year, there will be an asterisk because not all of the world's best players (Gooch) will be competing.

The comments are ridiculous, and Gooch has been roundly criticized by many in the golf community for what he said. But it is important to understand his comments because there is a decent chance that they are reflective of a number of LIV players.

These players should have understood the risks they were taking when they jumped ship to LIV. They understood that they would be sacrificing Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) points which, for those who had never won a major, like Gooch, would impact their ability to qualify for major championships.

Now, either because they listened to agents who told them that a merger would occur or that the OWGR would be forced to award points for LIV events, they are seemingly enraged that their choices and decisions now have consequences.

For the record, there are still 13 LIV players that are currently in the field for the Masters. This includes players like Joaquin Niemann who went outside of the LIV circuit to qualify for the event.

Gooch was more than welcome to try a similar strategy, but he feels that his victories in these 54-hole events with no cut that amount to exhibitions entitles him to a spot in the most prestigious tournament in golf.

It is a mentality that is emblematic of many who abandoned the PGA Tour in favor of LIV. Many of these players do not understand the blowback or the criticism and feel that they are being persecuted and maligned by the game of golf when they knew, or should have known, that their decision to join LIV could prevent them from taking part in the majors and team competitions like the Ryder Cup.

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The notion that LIV and the PGA Tour are equal levels of competition and should be treated equally is just not based in reality. The fact that players like Gooch think it is speaks to the entitled mindset that made them leave the PGA Tour in the first place.