Video shows rare moment when Tiger Woods showed his softer side at The Memorial

A video from a practice round in 2018 showcased Tiger's softer side.
Tiger Woods - The Masters
Tiger Woods - The Masters / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

As the PGA Tour heads back to The Memorial Tournament Invitational this week, many will recall Tiger Woods' great success at the tournament. However, it is worth revisiting a rare moment when Tiger showcased his softer side in 2018.

Video shows rare moment when Tiger Woods showed his softer side at The Memorial

We think of Tiger Woods as one of the most dominant and intimidating professional athletes in the history of sports, and for good reason. With 82 victories and 15 major championships, it is clear that the man possessed a level of focus, drive, and dedication that few have had.

However, as Tiger has grown older and become a father of two kids, he has let his softer side emerge more and more. While he is still a fearsome competitor, he seems a little more willing to joke around and have fun on the course than he may have in the past.

A great example of this happened at the Memorial tournament back in 2018. This moment seems to have occurred during a practice round or the pro-am for the event. You can watch the clip below courtesy of the PGA Tour social media page:

In the video, Tiger sets up to hit a difficult chip and a young girl says, "Hi Tiger," in a very sweet way. You can tell Tiger notices it because he looks back and smirks slightly. Perhaps it is jarring to hear a fan say his name so softly when most of the time it's middle-aged men screaming "Tiger" at the top of their lungs.

Tiger sets up over the shot and ends up chipping it in. He points back at the little girl and ends up giving her the ball. It is a really sweet moment that showcases a side of Tiger that most people don't know about.

Of course, this is not the most famous chip in Tiger has had at the Memorial. He had a pretty memorable one in 2012 on the 16th hole en route to his 4th of 5 victories at the event.

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That one may be his best hole out at Muirfield Village, but the one he made before giving that ball to a little girl is an important reminder that Tiger does have a soft spot under that tough exterior.