Golf Apps: NoteCaddie is Poised to Go Live

Used by permission of NoteCaddie developers.

If you don’t have a Michael Greller in your golf life, you may need one of the new golf apps. Take a look at NoteCaddie!

Do you ever watch with envy while the pros consult those notebooks they carry around in their hip pockets?  You know, the ones with yardage and hazard and club information in them that they pull out and use to make a club decision or figure out how to shape a particular shot?

Do you carry your smart phone onto the course with you when you play a round?  Do you use a GPS?

Do you wish you could remember what club you used for that uphill approach on that course you haven’t played for a couple of months?

NoteCaddie Play Screen. Used by permission of NoteCaddie developers.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll want to keep a close watch on NoteCaddie.  It’s a new app that’s getting close to release and the promotional material I’ve seen brings tears of joy to my eyes!

Louis Oviedo and Christopher Takimoto are in the final stages of developing a smart phone app that focuses on managing the courses we play more efficiently.

Like all of us, Oviedo and Takimoto have been the victims of great shots that turned out poorly because of flawed course management. That fueled their efforts to develop an app that could help all of us become better golfers.

If the app lives up to its promotional promise, it’s going to bring about an on-course note taking a revolution in recreational golf and make the game more fun for all of us who play as much for our own pleasure as for the joy of competition.

Here’s how NoteCaddie’s voice-to-text features, easy drawing tools for greens, and template notes that are easily accessible side by side to GPS information can strengthen your course management:

NoteCaddie Dispersion Screen. Used by permission of NoteCaddie developers.

Hole Notes: The Gameplan – NoteCaddie will take written or voice to text notes on areas to avoid, what club to use, and typical conditions. NoteCaddie will also take information from your playing style and the distance at hand and make recommendations.

Shot Dispersion: Learn from your Results – NoteCaddie will let you review in a color coded visual way how you’ve played the hole previously. This screen shows allows you to see trends in your score on a hole, based on which way you’ve played it.

For example, if you went long and right and got into trouble every time, you’d see that, vs going left and laying up, where you scored better. This would allow you to quickly make a gameplan for how to attack the hole in the future, and you can mark the hole’s image with ‘go zones’ and ‘no zones’ that translate to the GPS ‘main play’ screen.

Green Notes: Stick it Close – NoteCaddie’s Green Notes feature displays a zoomed-in image of the green, with simple drawing tools to quickly mark undulations, ridges, breaks, and typical pin positions.

There is also room to note the general slope of the green, approach information to remember, and any notes you want to take about hitting into/on the green.

If this intrigues you, as it does me, you can friend NoteCaddie on Facebook and follow the developers’ progress toward the app’s release on Kickstarter.

The app is going live on Kickstarter on Thursday, November 19. Check it out.

This one looks like it’s going to be worth waiting for.